Rally for Labour Party Democracy

Sunday 7th February at 7pm sees a major rally for Labour Party democracy, Stand Up For Labour Party Democracy #StopTheLabourLockout.

Confirmed speakers include Ian Hodson – BFAWU, Matt Wrack – FBU, Gaya Sriskanthan – Momentum, Darran McLaughlin – Suspended CLP Officer, Gemma Bolton – CLPD, Mish Rahman – NEC Grassroots Voice, Leah Levane – Socialist Councillors, Richard Burgon MP – Socialist Campaign Group, Howard Beckett – Unite, Paul Holmes – Unison NEC (personal capacity), Anna Rothery – Liverpool Mayoral Candidate, Ronan Burtenshaw – Tribune, Esther Giles – Save our Socialists, Helen Caney – Save our Socialists. It will be chaired by Alan Gibbons.

The event comes amid reports that the Party is reinstating 50 local CLP officers, who were suspended for allowing debate and votes on motions of solidarity with former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. This late U-turn by the Party leadership follows legal pressure mounted by the suspendees and Unite the Union.

Join  the rally.

Sign the petition at http://change.org/standupforlabourpartydemocracy

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