Black Lives Labour launch new website

Black Lives Labour was born from the anger and emotion that swept the world following the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests which erupted in May 2020.

Black Lives Labour aims are:

  • to document in one place, on a day to day basis, the extent and the depth of the racism experienced by Black, Asian, African and racialised minorities
  • to connect up the struggles of activists in workplaces, communities and Labour Party constituencies, in the fight against the legacy of Britain’s colonialism, which still runs deep through our society, including within the Labour Party and Labour Authorities

Hassina Malik, a Black Lives Labour founder and leading trade union organiser in Lambeth, said,

“We see how often Labour’s commitment to anti-racism falls short. We have to confront racism head-on if Labour is to be capable of producing and implementing anti-racist domestic and foreign policies. We can no longer tolerate systemic discrimination where it exists within the Party’s structures and administrative bodies.”

Capitalism’s divide-and-rule tactics will always use racism to set working people against each other. Black Lives Labour is a Black-led organisation uniting Black and white, because networked and coordinated together, we are strong.




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