Urgent fundraiser for Afghan activists

By the Afghan Peace Project

The UK-based Afghan Peace Project are raising £20,000 to meet the urgent needs of the Afghan community activists that we have been supporting for the last ten years in Kabul and Bamian.

The advance and now capture of the already war- and aid industry-broken state by the Taliban spell disaster for small, independent and actively anti-sectarian and progressive initiatives working for peace in Afghanistan.

Two organisers we have been working with now fear for their lives. This is due to the high-profile nature of their work and connections to international organisations such as ours, which brought young men and women together in joint project work such as teaching literary and numeracy to street-working destitute children, intentional community-building duvet-sewing projects for internally displaced people made by women from different sects, and ecological sustainability initiatives using solar power for water heating and cooking in a small village in Bamian.

These activists want to leave Afghanistan now for their own safety and we have secured places for them at a permaculture project in India. But the costs of reaching their place of refuge are high.

Funds raised through this crowdfunder will prioritise their passage and sustenance, and any remaining will be sent directly to support remaining participants in their projects, with emergency funds for weathering this current traumatic period. Both these young men are deeply committed to their communities and want to continue to support them. Leaving is incredibly painful for them and a decision based on survival.

We are not in a position to plan any project work at this time due to the uncertainty and instability of the situation on the ground, but we know that cash for phones, phone credit, transport, food, water and fuel will be needed for those needing to flee or remain with greater economic protection as life becomes ever more precarious.

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Or VCNV UK, Coop Bank, Account Number:  65583025, Sort Code:  089299.

Image: VCNV UK.

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