Two meetings with Jeremy Corbyn


System Change Not Climate Change – A #GreenNewDeal for People & Planet

6.30pm, Thursday October 14. 
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Architect of Labour’s ‘green industrial revolution’ policies Rebecca Long Bailey, Jeremy Corbyn on behalf of the Peace & Justice Project, MP Zarah Sultana, Scarlett Westbrook. Teach the Future, & economist Grace Blakeley will lead a discussion on socialist & internationalist solutions to climate chaos alongside international guests Lola Allen, Center for Economic & Policy Research (US) & Brazilian campaigner Juliana Moraes.

In November, Britain hosts COP 26, an annual summit of all the countries which are part of the UN’s climate change treaty. Taking place the month before, this event will be part of a vital moment to strengthen the climate justice movement, build international links in support of a Green New Deal, & demand real action from the UK, US & international community to tackle climate catastrophe.

Hosted by Tribune & the Labour Assembly Against Austerity. Streamed by ‘Arise – a Festival of Labour’s Left Ideas.’ Supported by Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America.

Bolivia Shows There is An Alternative: Putting People & Planet First

Online event. Monday 18 October, 18:30. Register here / share & invite here / retweet here to spread the word.

Online event with: Jeremy Corbyn & live video links with special guests from Bolivia, including journalist Ollie Vargas.

Plus: Claudia Turbet-Delof (Wiphalas Across the World,) Miriam Amancay Colque (Bolivian activist based in the UK,) Kate Hudson (CND), US peace campaigner Leonardo Flores (Codepink) & more.

An online event to mark 1 year since the historic victory of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) in Bolivia’s Presidential elections, when the people defeated a coup & rejoined the road of social progress.

Hosted by Friends of Bolivia. Supported by Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America & a range of solidarity groups.

Image: Jeremy Corbyn. Source: Author: Chatham House, London, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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