Labour Party Women’s Conference 2022: deadlines and suggestions

Labour Party Women’s conference takes place online 19-20 March, and there are several important opportunities for grassroots members to have their voices heard. Delegates, nominations and motions can be decided by a Women’s Branch or a CLP but must be submitted by CLPs. Up-to-date information about the Women’s Conference can be found at

  • Please elect left delegates who will shape the policy Labour needs to deliver for women, and elect the candidates for the Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee that we need to ensure we have a democratic conference where women members from CLPs and trade unions have their voices heard. Delegates can be elected through Women’s Branches or your usual CLP structures by noon on Friday 11 February. Each CLP is entitled to send up to two delegates. In order to be eligible for nomination, delegates must have joined the Labour Party on or before 11 August 2021.
  • Please submits motions or rule changes by noon on Friday 11 February (more information below). The Labour Party Portal, which is accessed by CLP secretaries, is at
  • Please nominate the left candidates for the Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee – Gillian Arrindell, Jean Crocker and Selina Norgrove – by noon on Thursday 10 March. This is a diverse group of experienced left-wing activists standing to ensure a socialist, feminist and democratic Labour Women’s Conference. More information at:

Rule changes

This year for the first time in decades, our Annual Women’s Conference will have the opportunity to democratically agree changes to the Rules for the National Labour Women’s Organisation. CLPs (either via Women’s Branches where recognised, or directly) are entitled to send either a rule change (also known as a Constitutional Amendment) or a motion by noon on Friday 11 February.

Although the current Labour Party Rulebook has not yet been published, the rules for the National Labour Women’s Organisation, which were incorporated into the Rulebook at Annual Conference 2021, are available at

Please consider submitting a rule change to Annual Women’s Conference to improve how our National Labour Women’s Organisation functions. Some suggestions for rule changes are available at


If you don’t fancy submitting a rule change, please do submit a motion to Labour Party Women’s Conference on an issue that matters to women, and that promotes women’s equality, aiming to ensure that these form part of Labour’s Programme. Some suggested motions are at Each CLP or Women’s Branch can submit one motion of up to 250 words, if it is not submitting a rule change, by noon on Friday 11 February.

To make sure that we work together to have a successful Women’s Conference and elect the grassroots candidates we need for the Women’s Conference arrangements committee, and the policy that will enable Labour to act in the interests of women, we’d love to be in touch with those of you who share those interests. Complete the form at to let us know that you’d like to be in touch and/or to let us when your nomination meeting is (CLP or Women’s Branch), to tell us if you have elected left delegates to women’s conference, and share their details (with their permission) so that we can be in touch about compositing, voting and fringe arrangements.

Information compiled by the Camapign for Labour Party Democracy here

Image: Party Conference 2021, by Emma Tait.

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