Upcoming event: Ending NHS Privatisation – For a National Care Service

Monday, 21 February 2022, 7pm
Speakers include:

  • Nadia Whittome MP and former care worker
  • Allyson Pollock, Author of NHS plc: the Privatisation of Our Health Care
  • Peter Roderick, co-author of the NHS Reinstatement Bill
  • A striking worker from the Great Ormond St Hospital Security Guards currently taking action over NHS outsourcing
  • Lord Prem Sikka, an expert on the financialisation of the social care sector

Register here: https://bit.ly/StopNHSselloff

Richard Burgon MP, Secretary, Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs, says:

“The Tories’ deliberate underfunding of our NHS has gone hand in hand with the ever greater use of the private sector. The Tories have handed over £100 billion of public money to non-NHS providers of healthcare over the last decade. Now, the Tories are set to give private providers even more of a role with their new Health and Care Bill currently going through parliament – which would even allow private companies to sit on NHS boards.

“The next Socialist Campaign Group socialist policy seminar will look at how we can oppose the backdoor privatisation of our NHS, restore it as a full public service and build a free, publicly-run National Care Service.”

Peter Roderick, co-author of the NHS Reinstatement Bill, adds:

“For the first time since the creation of the NHS the government is putting forward a set of reforms in which the state continues to fund health care in England, but largely abstains from involvement in its organisation. The reforms hand over most power
and decision-making to public-private joint ventures without statutory duties, and break decisively with Bevan’s vision of a universal, comprehensive and accountable public service.”

Register here: https://bit.ly/StopNHSselloff

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