No To Arms Fairs – Refugees and Migrants Welcome

The Home Office is hosting a shadowy arms fair to help arms companies sell their deadly wares to stop people crossing borders.

Security and Policing 2022 takes place in Farnborough from 15th-17th March. It’s a secretive event run and paid for by the Home Office, where arms companies, surveillance companies, police, prison and border agencies rub shoulders with ministers and senior civil servants. Journalists and other observers are barred from attending.

The fair is at the heart of the government’s Hostile Environment policy. At the same time as closing down routes to safety for people on the move – making it ever more deadly to cross borders – the Home Office is profiting from selling weapons and technology to police those borders.

Just 3 months ago, 27 people died on our shores, trying to reach safety here. But the government has carried on pushing its dangerous anti-refugee Borders Bill through Parliament, and continues to profit from the misery of people who move.

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, Campaign Against Arms Trade and Palestine Solidarity Campaign are jointly organising a protest on 15th March outside the Home Office to mourn those who’ve lost their lives at the border and tell the Home Office to wash its hands of the bloody arms and border industry. Meet at Old Palace Yard, SW1P 3JY, just opposite the Houses of Parliament, at 18:00. Banners and placards expressing solidarity with migrants, and opposition to the arms trade, all welcome!

If you can’t attend in person but would like to show your solidarity, here are some materials you can share online.

For more information, see here.

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