Solidarity with Latin America

Pablo Bradbury looks ahead to the upcoming conference, Solidarity with Latin America: Maintaining momentum, holding leaders to account and building alliances, to be held online on 4th and 5th April 2022, in partnership with Latin America Bureau and the University of Liverpool

International solidarity is both simple and elusive: simple because it’s not difficult to find all manner of representations of solidarity with some international cause or victims; elusive because its meanings defy simple definition and its scope rejects easy limitations. 

Solidarity raises a range of questions about collective action and identity, practical challenges and the possibilities for political impact. Is it political or can it aim to be apolitical? Does it function as an expression of shared collective interests or can it be articulated in support for an ‘other’? Are the political effects of international solidarity intended for the places in which it is mobilised or does it hope for political agency in the countries in question?

What is clear is that solidarity with Latin America has encompassed a wide range of experiences and initiatives, from grassroots direct action to international non-governmental organisations, from migrant and exile networks to coordinated international trade union activity. 

This conference brings together a range of academic scholars and solidarity practitioners to present both research and practical experiences of international solidarity with Latin America from the Cold War to the present day. 

Hosted by Latin America Bureau and the University of Liverpool, the conference will feature a keynote address from Mike Gatehouse, who has a long track record of work on Latin American solidarity and with human rights organisations.

In addition, we will hear about research and practical experiences on international solidarity with countries from Chile to Colombia, as well as thematic issues including decolonial perspectives, international indigenous diaspora and advocacy, imperialism, development and cultural expressions of solidarity.

Looking forward to the El Sueño Existe festival this summer, whose focus will be on El Salvador, this conference also includes a panel on the community project, Music for Hope. 

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Pablo Bradbury is one of the organisers of the conference

Image:, icensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

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