GLA: Members Angered by Intervention of “Moderate” MP

LabourHub has been contacted by members of the Harrow West constituency angered by the conduct of local MP Gareth Thomas, who previously supported Owen Smith’s leadership challenge against Jeremy Corbyn.

Thomas is known to have written privately to members of the Constituency urging them to vote for Councillor Kairul Kareema Marikar in the nominations meeting for the GLA candidate in Brent and Harrow seat.   The intervention probably did the trick, as she won the female nomination by a single vote, defeating the Corbynite candidate.

So what, you might ask? Sour grapes?

There’s more to it….   

Marikar (a former Mayor of Harrow) has previously been found guilty of “bringing the council into disrepute” when she met with – and posed in her mayoral chains alongside – top brass from the Sri Lankan military, fresh from the genocidal slaughter of the Tamils.   Unsurprisingly, this drew the fury of the local Tamil community, who made a formal code of conduct complaint, which was subsequently upheld.   

At the very least her actions were deeply crass and insensitive.   So why would an MP suggest members endorse her as a possible candidate to represent an ethnically diverse area like Harrow?