Selections: Anger Mounts as Local Candidates are Blocked

Cllr Tolga Aramaz from Enfield was excluded from the Enfield North longlist, together with most other local candidates.   Here’s his statement:

Well it seems the Enfield North longlist has been established without any of the local left candidates. Unsurprisingly, although I received two ward nominations and achieved the highest votes out of every candidate, the party is deciding to parachute people outside of Enfield in as it has once again shown that it cares not for grassroots.

What the party has done is blocked a candidate that received the highest votes and ward nominations, who received the highest votes from members as a Cllr in the borough, someone who has lived here all his life, someone who is working class and has a background of poverty sharing a bedroom with his sister in social housing and someone who is an Alevi candidate. What the party has shown is that these things have no place in the party and this was clear from the way the party dealt with Enfield North from the beginning.

Since February, Enfield North has not had a Labour candidate. For months the party did not start the procedure and then gave us the go ahead to elect a selection committee (SC) wherein which Enfield North elected a left wing SC. This then was not accepted and asked to be rerun wherein which a left wing SC was again elected. Ward nominations happened and out of 7 wards, the majority were local left wing candidates and I got 2 of them with the highest number of votes in total amongst all the candidates. The NEC stopped the procedure and started running it itself and disbanded the SC. Now the longlist has no local left candidates. See the general trend here.

Ultimately what has happened here is the Party has shown great disdain against the membership. The message they have given to the Enfield grassroots is, we do not care about your views or ward nominations. Instead we will give you a long list where you will have to support the candidate we want and the only thing you are there for is to slog away and campaign for them. Now I am actually questioning whether the Labour Party is actually a democratic socialist party like the membership card says!

Sorry to all the members of the Enfield North Labour Party and the Turkish/Kurdish/Alevi Community that had high hopes for such an election to get their first MP, unfortunately the Party has shown it cares not for us.