People’s Vote – A Centrist Trap From the Outset

By Calvin Tucker

A year ago, on 12 Feb 2019, in a private exchange, I made 10 points about how the ‘People’s Vote’ was in reality an attempt to remove Corbyn and replace him with a right winger such as Keir Starmer. I think my words have stood the test of time so I’m reproducing them below.

1. There’s not going to be a second referendum in this parliament, the parliamentary arithmetic is against it.

2. The People’s Vote gang (Blairites / the Lib Dems / some Tories) know full well that the second referendum is dead as a dodo.

3. The only purpose of the People’s Vote is to attack Corbyn and divide Labour.

4. If Corbyn resists the pressure to move to a second ref, they will say that he is responsible for Brexit.

5. If instead he does support the second ref, between 40 and 100 Labour MPs would vote against and it would be heavily defeated.

6. Labour will have reneged on its 2017 manifesto pledge to respect the result of the referendum.

7. Labour will then implode as the dishonest Remain party that lied to the country about respecting the referendum result… and then failed to achieve a second referendum.

8. Out of the wreckage, Keir Starmer will emerge like a capable centrist on a moderate horse.

9. And things in the Labour Party will return to “normal”.

10. That’s the game. Mark my words. Watch it unfold.