Community Organising Works

By John Taylor, Momentum NCG

Yesterday’s attack by the GMB on the excellent work of the Community Organising Team was totally unnecessary.   The report did not attack any of Labour’s regional staff.

Clearly the report shows the work of the Community Organisers Unit has been invaluable and it needs more investment, here in the North East & Cumbria we only had one Community organiser to cover the whole of Cumbria, Northumberland, Durham, Tees Valley, Humberside and Yorkshire, clearly not enough and can be seen by the very poor results Labour got.

Labour’s Community organising unit is an exciting prospect if it has REAL investment. The only way we will truly transform our area here in the North East is from the bottom as well as the top – through powerful local government policy, and action within our communities.

Local government is where we need to start the Labour Fightback, by equipping a new ‘ Left network’ of prospective councillors with the skills, resources and support to help their communities help themselves. Let’s take this opportunity to see 2020 is to be the year where more Labour ‘ left ‘ members than ever will be mobilised and recruited to stand in local elections.

Alongside the community organising teams Momentum to should play their part, building on our existing training programmes.

And with Labour’s turn towards being a member-led, movement party, that should scare the Tories. Not only did we outnumber them on the ground at the last 2 general elections, we can now be making a difference through COU teams in the constituencies where it matters the most, but that investment is crucial. So, with the weight of the party via COU teams behind every community campaign, Labour members should be supported to transform their communities – then hopefully in 5 years to be backed up by a Labour government that will transform the country.