“We have the ideas and power to build a world of peace and justice”

By Jeremy Corbyn MP

Yesterday we launched our new Peace and Justice Project in an online rally with thousands in attendance. We heard from inspiring campaigners from across the world with one message: we have the ideas and power to build a world of peace and justice.

We also launched four exciting new projects within the scope of our four areas of work, and invite supporters to get involved. The first is an economic security project which will organise direct support for communities across the UK hit by the triple crisis of austerity, the pandemic, and the new recession. The second, our international justice project will campaign for a Covid-19 vaccine available to all, and affordable everywhere.

Our democratic society project will campaign for a more just, free and accountable media; supporting public interest journalism and challenging corporate monopolies. And our climate justice project will build a network with environmental campaigners to develop bold and concrete plans for a Green New Deal, shaping debate ahead of the COP26 climate conference in November. 

We are working across these different areas because the ongoing pandemic is intensifying the three deep, connected, and global crises we face: the climate emergency, an economy that produces inequality and insecurity faster than prosperity and freedom, and a global political order that holds back the vast majority of our planet’s people and is dangerously breaking down.

But we have both the ideas and the power to overcome these crises, and build a world of peace and justice. What our movement does today will be felt in 50 years’ time.

Our role in the Peace and Justice Project will be to champion those ideas and support the movements that can turn those ideas into reality. Because if you refuse to argue for your side, our opponents win by default.

So many of the ideas we need to make the 2020s better than the 2010s were developed in and around the Labour Party in recent years by many great thinkers, but more importantly by movement demands, and the skills, knowledge and needs of the communities affected.

We will build on these policies, taking them further, adapting them to the post-pandemic world, so that our movement can turn the dial towards peace and justice.

And we want you to be a part of it – sign up today.

You can sign up to the Peace and Justice Project’s campaigns at thecorbynproject.com/action  

Image: Jeremy Corbyn. Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/paulnew/28243001503. Author: paulnew,  licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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