Fighting corporate power and fascist governments: Movements of resistance from India, Bolivia, USA and Britain

A webinar hosted by South Asia Solidarity Group

2- 4pm UK time, Sunday January 24th


NAVKIRAN NATT, a youth activist, currently based at the farmers’ protest site, Tikri border, Delhi

KSHAMA SAWANT, socialist Seattle Council member, USA

KAVITA KRISHNAN, Indian feminist and left activist, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

AMANCAY COLQUE, Bolivia Solidarity Campaign, on the Cochabamba water struggle and the recent elections in Bolivia

and JEREMY CORBYN MP, founder of the recently launched Peace and Justice Project and former leader of the Labour Party

On the eve of India’s Republic Day, in the middle of the pandemic, while Narendra Modi’s fascist regime is preparing to preside over a triumphalist display of military hardware, a massive and powerful farmers’ movement is at the doorstep of India’s capital, challenging the government and the corporate power which underpins it.

This moment is the culmination of 12 months during which the government has enacted laws to potentially disenfranchise Muslims, locked up dissenters and activists, framing them under draconian colonial-era laws, implemented widespread privatisation, sold public utilities, handed over vast tracts of agricultural land to mining corporates and now has put in place a wholesale corporate takeover of agriculture from sale, to storage, to pricing of farm produce. At every point, on every one of these issues, the government has been challenged by movements of resistance. These months have also witnessed a remarkable resurgence of the left – first in the elections in November in the state of Bihar, and more recently in the ongoing and potentially transformative farmers’ protests.

The webinar will place what is happening in India within a global context examining the nature of movements of resistance to fascism and the strategies adopted by the left. Speakers from the frontline of struggles from India, Bolivia, the US and Britain will come together in this exciting event.

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