Voting reform – why the left should embrace the debate

Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform South West and Labour for a New Democracy are co-hosting an event on electoral reform on Friday 19th February at 6pm. Here the organisers explain why

We had a socialist government within our reach in 2017. People across the country supported our radical progressive policies. So why should the left be interested in Voting Reform?

First past the post is an archaic electoral system, used in only a handful of nations across the world. It is a relic of the two-party 19th century when landowners exercised their will through wealth and represented constituents from a London club.

In the UK, Proportional Representation works in Scotland, Wales and the London Assembly. In South Africa the ANC rejected our FPTP system and New Zealand has just elected their second Labour woman Prime Minister on a majority vote with Mixed Member PR.

Equality in voting is fundamental to democracy, so let’s examine the current system that has disenfranchised millions from any active influence on who is elected.

Here is a space to discuss why the Labour left should ditch Labour’s support for the FPTP status quo and embrace a voting system that makes every vote count and every person matter in a democracy that empowers people, gives them a voice and has meaning wherever we live.

Join in the conversation on Friday 19th February at 6pm Register here . The event is Labour Party- focused and co-hosted by the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform South West and Labour for a New Democracy (L4ND).

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