CLPD’s picks for internal elections

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy is seeking nominations for the following candidates in this year’s Labour Party internal elections. The details are below and can also be found on the CLPD website here.
Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) – 2 CLP seats to be elected (at least one woman)

  • Seema Chandwani  –  Membership Number: L1187007
  • Billy Hayes  –  Membership Number: A065571

National Constitutional Committee (NCC) 4 CLP seats to be elected (all must be women this year)

  • Rheian Davies  –  Membership Number: L1443442
  • Anna Dyer  –  Membership Number: L0081865
  • Annabelle Harle  –  Membership Number: A002070
  • Emine Ibrahim  –  Membership Number: L0150489

The above candidates for the CAC and NCC are supported by Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA)

National Women’s Committee (NWC) – 6 CLP seats to be elected
CLPD is supporting the following Grassroots Labour Women (GLW) backed candidates.

  • Ekua Bayunu
  • Mandy Clare
  • Tricia Duncan
  • Pamela Fitzpatrick
  • Chloe Hopkins
  • GLW also urges CLPs to support Momentum’s Solma Ahmed for their sixth place, and we hope that there will be close co-operation amongst the left at this critical time.

The Grassroots Labour Women (GLW) slate is backed by Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD), Labour Representation Committee (LRC), Red Labour, Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), Campaign for Socialism (Scotland), Labour Women Leading (LWL), Northern England Labour Left (NELL), Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (Labour CND) and Welsh Labour Grassroots (WLG).

Information about all the above candidates can be found here.
CLP Nominations
For the National Women’s Committee, CLPs or Women’s Branches have to submit their nominations by midnight on Wednesday 26 May.
For the CAC and NCC, CLPs have to submit their nominations by 12 noon, Friday 11 June.
These nominations will be decided at online meetings called between now and the nomination deadline.
Please find out when your CLP will be meeting to decide on its nominations.
The National Women’s Committee places will be elected by CLP delegates at the Women’s Conference in June.
The CAC places will be elected by an OMOV vote of Labour Party members starting on 5 July.
The NCC places will be elected by CLP delegates at Annual Conference in September.

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