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Medical Aid for Palestinians reports overnight: We understand from our team in #Gaza that many houses have been destroyed in Al Naser Village this evening and that the targeting of residential buildings in Rafah is also ongoing. The Ministry of Health reports 103 dead, 27 of them children, and 180 wounded.

Many people have lost their homes or having to seek shelter elsewhere in fear for their lives. Yesterday, an entire neighbourhood was destroyed in Beit Lahya and the emergency services were still clearing bodies from under the rubble today.

With further reports that Israel is now mobilising soldiers and tanks in preparation for a ground invasion, @MedicalAidPal calls on the international community to take action immediately to end this bloodshed and the ongoing collective punishment of the population of #Gaza.

From the website:

(Last update: 14 May 2021, 09.00 BST)

The current violence in the occupied Palestinian territory originates from a series of discriminatory practices and systematic violations of international law by Israeli authorities, most recently centred on occupied East Jerusalem. Subsequent protests across the West Bank have been met by the widespread use of excessive force against Palestinians. Israel’s military assault on blockaded Gaza has caused widespread civilian casualties and extensive damage to homes and essential infrastructure, including healthcare facilities.

Our teams in the West Bank and Gaza are working with partners to ensure that Palestinians get the medical aid they need during this critical time. 

In the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, we are providing essential medications, dressings and fluids to the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) teams who are treating the wounded. In Gaza, we are procuring essential medicines and disposables alongside our ongoing support to the central blood bank.

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Situation in the West Bank and East Jerusalem

At the time of writing, 923 Palestinians have been injured in occupied East Jerusalem since 7 May, according to the PRCS. A further 980 Palestinians have been injured in the rest of the West Bank.

The PRCS has reported significant impediments to its work, including being prevented by Israeli forces from accessing the wounded and physical assaults on its ambulances and paramedic crews.

A number of PCRS teams and vehicles were delayed by Israeli forces and settler attacks in Nablus and refugee camps near Hebron.  

Situation in Gaza

At the time of writing, 119 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza by extensive Israeli airstrikes and shelling, including 31 children, and 830 people have been injured, according to Gaza’s Ministry of Health.

Hundreds of sites in Gaza have been damaged or destroyed by Israeli airstrikes, including residential buildings, water and electricity infrastructure, and medical facilities. The Hala Al Shawwa primary health centre has been destroyed, which provides COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. The North Gaza Seawater Desalination Plant has halted operations due to damage and risk to staff, affecting the availability of water for over 250,000 people.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), 500 families have been displaced due to the bombing of their homes, with an estimated 1,750 people affected. PCRS warehouses, housing vital medical equipment, have also been damaged by Israeli attacks.

Six Israelis have been killed and one Indian national has also been killed, while hundreds have been injured by rockets fired from Gaza, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA).

More reports: Amid the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, including deliberate attacks on Palestinian homes and health facilities, Fikr Shalltoot, Medical Aid for Palestinians’ (MAP) Director of Programmes in Gaza, reflects on a deadly past 24 hours. Read more here.

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) urges the international community, including the UK government, to take urgent and immediate steps to protect Palestinians and ensure their access to medical care amid Israeli attacks across the occupied Palestinian territory. Read more here.

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) joins 15 other UK-based humanitarian, development, human rights and faith organisations working for the rights of the Palestinian people to issue the following statement on the eve of Nakba Day. Read more here.


From Labour and Palestine:

We reproduce below a statement signed by ourselves, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, unions and other civil society organisations that calls on British Government to take action over Israel’s ethnic cleansing of neighbourhoods in occupied East Jerusalem.

The statement calls on British Government, public bodies and civil society to recognise the laws of Israel to be inherently discriminatory.

Full Statement: Stop the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem. Save Sheikh Jarrah.

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned by Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing of neighbourhoods in occupied East Jerusalem. The use of illegal and quasi legal means to evict Palestinian families from their homes, in order to replace them with Jewish settlers, is a clear example of demographic manipulation and ethnic cleansing.

Over 1,500 Palestinians from neighbourhoods in Jerusalem are facing the threat of forced displacement and home demolitions by Israeli authorities. Children make up a large percentage of the families threatened with homelessness.

The neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah is just one of those affected. In 1956, Jordan made an agreement with the UNRWA to build houses in Sheikh Jarrah for 28 families who had been dispossessed of their homes in various parts of historic Palestine by Israel. Those families gave up their refugee rations cards on the understanding that the new homes would be given to them and registered in their names.

In 1967, Israel illegally annexed all of East Jerusalem, including Sheikh Jarrah, and shortly afterwards passed the Legal and Administrative Matters Law. Like the Absentees’ Property Law, this facilitates the transfer of property from Palestinians to Jewish Israelis through quasi legal means.

Backed by the state and its discriminatory laws, settler groups have claimed ownership of the land in Sheikh Jarrah and implemented a creeping takeover of Palestinian homes, aided and abetted by Israeli courts and the security forces. Three families, totalling 67 people, were forcibly evicted from Sheikh Jarrah in 2009. The Israeli District Court recently ordered four more families to leave their homes or face eviction in the coming days. Once evicted, those families face additional legal costs and the prospect of having their Jerusalem residency rights revoked.

We call on the British Government, public bodies, and civil society, to hold Israel accountable and take meaningful action to prevent the further ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Jerusalem. This includes recognising the laws of Israel to be inherently discriminatory and used to maintain Jewish Israeli dominance over Palestinians.

Full list of signatories here.


Global Online Rally – Saturday 15th May at 5pm BST

Co-hosted by PSC, BNC, JVP, and the SA BDS Coalition. Speakers:

Amer Zahr // Rafeef Ziadah // Mustafa Barghouti // Ghadir Al Shafie // Joshua Virasami // Nonhle Mbuthuma // Umar al-Ghubari // Ben Jamal // Stefanie Fox // Ghada Karmi… and more to be announced.

Register now to hear an amazing lineup of Palestinian voices, musicians, and artists.

Register here


Nakba Day Solidarity Rides – 15 May

May 15th will be the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba or ‘the catastrophe’ when the Israeli state was declared in Palestine and 700,000 Palestinians were forced to flee. But the Nakba is not just an historical event. It represents ongoing resistance by Palestinians to the illegal settlement of their land and oppression by the Israeli state.

Some groups have organised local rides on 15th May to demonstrate their solidarity with Palestine.

Details of events in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Derby here.

Join the Big Ride for Palestine July 29th to August 1st here.

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