Vote Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes for Conference Arrangements Committee!

By Billy Hayes

From Monday July 5th 2021, the Labour Party will commence sending emails to members and electronic ballot papers. There will be some paper ballots for people without email addresses or for other reasons. It is therefore important you check your email inbox.

The ballot closes at noon on Friday August 13th 2021.

All the evidence suggests people vote within a day or so ,or forget to vote. Make sure you vote in this key election.

Seema Chandwani and myself, Billy Hayes, are seeking re-election to the Conference Arrangements Committee to continue representing Constituency Labour Parties.

During the last five years Seema and myself have worked to open up the CAC to the wider membership.

We have focused on new processes to make Labour Party Conference user-friendly, listening to members, improving engagement with delegates at Labour Party Conference.

We have a Facebook group, a hotline for CLPs, with clear reporting back to members. We are active on Twitter.

The CAC has gained a reputation for fairness and transparency across all shades of opinion in the Party.

The COVID crisis has taken many lives and hurt a lot of people. It has damaged the mental health of thousands and hit the living standards of all.

As we move out of lockdown, we need reengage with our membership and the wider public.

Labour Party Conference is the auto-correct of our movement. We believe in the wisdom of crowds.

Labour Conference should be a showcase for democracy and debate – the life blood of our movement.

We want to see the end of this rotten Tory Government and this charlatan of a Prime Minister.

We want to empower the greatest resource we have: our membership.

Vote Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes for Conference Arrangements Committee, supported by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance.

Full candidate statements are here.

Billy Hayes has served on the CAC since 2017 and is a former General Secretary of the CWU.

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