Delivering the right to food in London – meeting tonight

London is a deeply unequal city. Coming out of the pandemic, its inequalities and food poverty continue to increase. Ian Byrne MP and Fans Supporting Foodbanks’ campaign for the Right To Food provides an approach based on organising among grassroots: communities and workforces.

With government failure to provide food to all in need during the pandemic, London’s diverse communities took responsibility and organised food hubs and deliveries to support each other. We saw levels of collective care that tackled hunger and kept people alive.

This government inaction could be held to account if we had the Right To Food enshrined in law. At the meeting we’ll be discussing how to build the campaign to and setting out what City and local councils can do to enable right to food.

For us, the Right to Food must be linked with a meaningful food democracy so our communities have a real say in developing local food and nutrition policies to end food insecurity and build food economy and sustainability.

The Brent Right to Food campaign was launched in July this year, bringing together existing food justice activists, growers and trade unions to make political connections between the ways we produce and consume food. The campaign’s immediate aim is for Brent Council to develop a Food Justice Strategy for the Borough, with input from local grassroots and community associations.

It is now more urgent than ever to think of a society beyond food banks, where everyone has access to affordable, nutritious, and varied food every day across their whole lifetime. Neighbourhoods need to be empowered in shifting toward local food sovereignty; food workers organised to improve their pay and working conditions; local authorities supported financially in procuring food that is healthy for people and planet in our schools, colleges, hospitals, care homes and other public institutions.

Join Food Inequalities Rebellion & Brent Right To Food in conversation with Ian Byrne MP & guests as we discuss establishing a Right To Food

About this event

Delivering the Right to Food in London – meeting co-hosted by Food Inequalities Rebellion and Brent Right to Food Campaign. We are pleased to host an amazing panel of guests:

Ian Byrne is Labour MP for Liverpool West Derby and Co-founder of Fans Supporting Foodbanks Right To Food Campaign.

Kemi Akinole, Councillor in Wandsworth, founder of Be Enriched and Brixton’s People’s Kitchen will discuss efforts on the ground to tackle food insecurity and what more London Boroughs can do.

Prof. Alex Colas is co-convenor of Brent Right to Food Campaign. He is a food injustice academic and community activist.

Barry Duckett from Right to Food Alliance SE16 will share his community’s experiences of hunger during Covid and why we urgently need the Right to Food.

Prof. Martin Caraher will share his views on how NFS and London boroughs can include Right to Food.

This event will be held in person at Westminster University AND online at the following Zoom link:

Topic: FIR Zoom Meeting

Time: Oct 20, 2021 07:30 PM London

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