Protest against the Nationality and Borders Bill

A wide range of organisations will be protesting tomorrow, Sunday December 19th outside Downing Street against the government’s Nationality and Borders Bill.

The groups include the Stop the War Coalition, Media Diversified, South Asian Solidarity Group, The Association of Muslim Lawyers, Windrush Lives, Stand Up To Racism, Sikh Council UK, Birmingham Trade Union Council and Palestine Forum of Britain.

The Bill would see two in five people in England and Wales from an ethnic minority background become eligible to be deprived of their citizen status without warning. Under it, the Home Secretary could revoke British citizenship when it would be “conducive to the public good”.

The Bill would also criminalise anyone taking part in refugee rescue missions in the Channel.

The South Asia Solidarity Group has issued a statement unequivocally condemning the Bill. Drawing parallels with the authoritarian Modi regime, it says, “The Nationality and Borders Bill is a sign that the UK is following in India’s footsteps: coupling a clampdown on dissent with a targeted campaign to revoke the citizenship of already-marginalised minorities.”

It adds: “This bill is clearly a route to disenfranchisement and even deportation of people of colour on an unprecedented scale. But it goes beyond even that. The Home Office is effectively collaborating with other governments to make people stateless.”

The Stop the War Coalition said: “This bill is draconian, racist and a threat to democracy. We must stand against it.”

The protest outside Downing Street this Sunday assembles at 1pm. It will be social distanced and all attendees are asked to wear masks where possible.

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