Upcoming events – including CND Conference with Jeremy Corbyn and Campaign Group seminars

London CND Annual Conference online: Sunday 16th January 11am


Jeremy Corbyn MP, Margaret Kimberley, Black Alliance for Peace USA, Warren Smith, Maritime Union of Australia and more.

Register here

Campaign Group seminiars

Throughout 2022, the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs is organising a series of online policy seminars looking at the key policies we need to be fighting for to build a society that works for the many, not the few.

This Monday (17 January, 7pm) we are hosting the first in the series:  After COP26 – the fight for a socialist Green New Deal

Speakers include

  • Rebecca Long-Bailey MP
  • Asad Rehman, Director of War on Want and co-founder of the COP26 Coalition of climate campaigners;
  • Chris Saltmarsh, co-founder of Labour For A Green New Deal and author of ‘Burnt: Fighting For Climate Justice’. 

 You can register for the first event here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/after-cop26-the-fight-for-a-socialist-green-new-deal-tickets-230854952377 

Stop the War Coalition meeting

No Knighthood for Tony Blair – Military Families Speak Out
Thurs 20th January

And tomorrow – Saturday:

Kill the Bill National Day of Action Tomorrow!

Priti Patel’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is a repressive and racist piece of legislation that threatens our democracy and criminalises Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.

The increased police powers granted by this bill include the banning of internet use for some protesters,  powers to stop and search without suspicion and the creation of a new offence: locking-on. It will also give police the power to arrest anyone who does not comply with all their requests during stop and search.

One of the proposed amendments to the bill, designed to protect corporations over the rights of workers, criminalises anyone who stops a business from running. Because the PCSC Bill is worded so broadly, this means it could become illegal to strike with a union or be part of a picket line, as well as criminalising protests and marches.

The Bill is designed to scare people into giving up their right to challenge the government and speak up against injustice by introducing heavy handed punishments for democratic dissent.

Tomorrow, Saturday 15th January will see protests across the country as part of the national day of action to Kill the Bill.

Join your nearest demo:

  BATH: 12pm, Bath Abbey

BRISTOL: 1pm, College Green

CAMBRIDGE: 12pm, Market Square

CARDIFF: 1pm, John Batchelor Statue (The Hayes)

CORNWALL: 2pm, George Eustice’s Office, Camborne

COVENTRY: 12pm, BroadgateEXETER: 12pm, Bedford Square

HUDDERSFIELD: 11am, St. George’s Square

INVERNESS: 12pm, Town House

LEEDS: 1pm, Briggate (City Centre)LIVERPOOL: 1pm, Bombed Out Church

LONDON: 12pm, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

MANCHESTER: 1pm, St Peter’s Square

NEWCASTLE: 12pm, Greys Monument

NEWTOWN: 12pm, Santander (High St)

NOTTINGHAM: 12pm, Brian Clough StatueOXFORD: 12pm, Cornmarket

PLYMOUTH: 12pm, Charles Cross Police Station

SHEFFIELD: 2pm, Sheffield Town Hall

SHREWSBURY: 9am, Quarry Park

STOKE-ON-TRENT: 12pm, Hanley Bus Station

SWANSEA: 1pm, Brangwyn Hall

And finally….

Online rally – SOS NHS

On Wednesday, 19th January at 7 pm, join the online rally with a great lineup of speakers to hear about how you can support this important campaign. Speakers include:

Laura Pidcock – People’s Assembly
John Lister – HCT
David Wrigley – BMA
Barry Gardiner – MP
Ariel Mammana – Ambulance worker
Holly Johnston – NHS Workers Say No
Alia Butt – NHS Staff Voices
Nadia Whittome – MP
Sonia Adesara – KONP
Christina McAnea – Unison
Paul Novak – TUC

SOS NHS!The NHS is facing its worst crisis ever. This is a national emergency.

In 2010, after a decade of investment, our NHS was delivering its best-ever performance: after more than a decade of austerity – despite heroic efforts by staff – it has sunk to its worst-ever. The problems were there before the pandemic but have been deepened by the continued high level of Covid infections.

We need emergency funds to save lives now.

Health and care staff are under the worst pressure ever, with full beds, huge waiting lists, staff shortages, and an insulting 3% pay offer for workers facing 7.1% inflation (and rising). Legislation is needed to protect the NHS as a publicly-run and funded service, but instead, Government refuses to properly invest, while its Health and Care Bill allows greater influence from the private sector. This must change. Read our list of demands here.

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