Who to nominate for the NEC, NCC, NPF

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy is recommending the following candidates for a range of internal posts in the Labour Party to be elected this summer.

CLPs are entitled to nominate candidates in a number of these elections and the deadline for CLPs to submit their nominations is noon on Friday 17th June.

National Executive Committee (CLP Section)
The Grassroots 5 candidates:
Jess Barnard
Gemma Bolton
Yasmine Dar
Mish Rahman
Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi
These candidates’ statements can be found here.

National Constitutional Committee (CLP Section)
Daniel Blaney
Khaled Moyeed
Cecile Wright
These candidates’ statements can be found here.

These candidates are all sitting members of the NCC and are part of a strong centre-left team on the NCC that defends the rights of members, fairness and natural justice. They are supported in this election by the various Labour Party campaigns that work together in the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA).

National Policy Forum (CLP Section)
Candidates for each nation and English region)

Christopher Barbour
Anna Dyer
Katrina Faccenda
Mike Martin

Zoe Allan
Dawn McGuinness
Sam Pritchard
Sean Thompson
Dylan Lewis-Rowlands (Youth)

Russell Cartwright
Rachel Garnham
Juliet Miller
Shahid Nadeem
Saffron Anderton (Youth)

East Midlands
Tom Unterrainer

Dave Levy
Cam Rose
Carol Turner
Adrian Weir

Paul Daly
Michelle Fox
Rochelle Charlton-Lain
Denise Robson
Andrew Hedges (Youth)

North West
Mike Garvey
Natasha Carlin
Nick Parnell
Lorraine Beavers
Max Czekalski (Youth)

South East
Carol Hayton
Dan Hermitage
Joyce Still
Charlie Wilson-Marklew

South West
Carol Wilcox
Holly Jarrett
Thomas Pearce

West Midlands
Dominic Smith-West
Teresa Beddis

Yorks & Humber
Carole Doherty
Rashida Islam
George McManus
Riaz Meer
Jack Ballingham (Youth)

The NPF candidates’ statements can be found here.

National Executive Committee Youth and Disabled Reps
Lara McNeill for Youth Rep
Ellen Morrison for Disabled Rep
These candidates’ statements can be found here.

CLPD is also proposing a range of rule changes to be considered by Party Conference. These proposals can be found here (Word & PDF).

The deadline for CLPs to submit a rule change to Annual Labour Conference is 12 noon Friday 17th June.

CLPD write:

We are prioritising the first one in the document, that the Labour Party should decide which Labour MPs can seek re-selection, as we believe that securing justice for Jeremy Corbyn is a priority democratic issue. However, there may be CLPs where other proposals in the document are considered appropriate.

The Party’s current rule book is here as a PDF.

We would appreciate if you could let CLPD know whether any of these rule changes are being pursued in your CLP and the progress being made. Please email us at: info@clpd.org.uk.

If you know of Labour members who would like to receive NEC reports and occasional important material from the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD), please let them know that they can sign up for CLPD’s emails here.

Image: https://www.picpedia.org/highway-signs/v/vote.html. Author: Nick Youngson – link to – http://www.nyphotographic.com/. License: Creative Commons 3 – CC BY-SA 3.0

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