Your Momentum launches campaign

A group of Momentum activists, local group roleholders and current members of its National Coordinating Group (NCG) are today launching the “Your Momentum: A Plan to Build Left Power” campaign for the upcoming Momentum National Coordinating Group (NCG) elections.

Your Momentum has released an organising plan for winning in the Labour Party, campaigning in the country with trade unions and community groups, and supporting members to take on leadership roles within the organisation.

The group, which is supported by the current NCG members who were elected in 2020 as part of the Forward Momentum slate, say they want to build on the organising successes and democratic reforms that Momentum has achieved in the last two years.

They have been encouraged by recent Momentum achievements such as helping to elect over 100 socialist councillors in May, growing the Momentum Councillors Network, and the launch of a Community Wealth Building Toolkit that will support councillors to pursue a similar agenda to Preston’s socialist council.

They say a major priority in the coming months will be replicating the success Momentum members had in council candidate selections last year in the upcoming parliamentary candidate selections. Momentum already has locally-backed candidates in place and campaigns ready to launch in a number of target seats.

Your Momentum also wants to continue building the Momentum Trade Unionists Network that will support members to become active in their trade unions and support the new wave of militancy in the trade union movement. They believe that many more trade unions are likely to take industrial action in the coming months in response to the cost of living crisis and want Momentum members to be on the picket lines in support.

They plan to deepen collaboration with elected representatives, including the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs, and with trade unions, by campaigning for socialist policies that address the cost of living and climate crisis.

Last month, Momentum agreed to a series of constitutional reforms through an online ballot of all members. These included giving members the right to decide who Momentum endorses for Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, after members were denied a vote on all the candidates running in 2020.

Your Momentum will be holding an open meeting for all members of the campaign to agree on slate candidates for the upcoming NCG elections on 12th June. You can sign up to their campaign on their website

Mish Rahman, Momentum NCG and Labour NEC, said: “When Forward Momentum took office in 2020, Momentum was internally undemocratic, struggling financially and unresponsive to us as members. In just two years we have strengthened our internal organisation and democracy, enlisted, trained and educated a new layer of activists, plugged financial holes, and facilitated members to rewrite Momentum’s constitution to prepare our organisation for the years to come. Momentum was not fit for purpose. Now, Momentum is on a fighting footing.”

Imogen Tranchell, Hammersmith, Kensington, Fulham and Chelsea Momentum Co-chair, said: “Many people on the left are feeling despondent due to Starmer’s hostile leadership and the treatment of socialists, including Jeremy Corbyn. Rebuilding left power will not be easy and there are no quick fixes.”

She added: “But over the last two years we’ve seen that organising can achieve results – local elections where over a hundred socialists were elected as Labour councillors; at Conference where a number of socialist policies were passed; and in local groups like mine that were refounded with the support of national Momentum and have engaged new activists campaigning for housing rights, climate justice, anti-racism and trade union solidarity. These are significant victories that we want Momentum to build on over the next two years.”

Voting in the Momentum NCG elections begins on 18th June and closes on 6th July. Other groups within Momentum are also setting out their stall ahead of the poll.

Image: Momentum banner. Source: Momentum at the Stop Trump Rally. Author: Garry Knight, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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