Upcoming Labour Party elections: CLPD’s picks

By the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy

Ballot papers for the NEC election, plus other Labour Party internal elections, will start being distributed on Monday 25th July. Please start publicising the recommended candidates as widely as possible.

CLPD is supporting the Grassroots 5 (#Grassroots5) candidates for the NEC (details on website here).

The Grassroots 5 candidates are:

  • Jess Barnard
  • Gemma Bolton
  • Yasmine Dar
  • Mish Rahman
  • Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi

The Grassroots 5 are supported by:-

  • Campaign for Labour Party Democracy
  • Campaign for Socialism
  • Jewish Voice for Labour
  • Kashmiris for Labour
  • Labour Black Socialists
  • Labour Briefing (Co-op)
  • Labour CND
  • Labour Representation Committee
  • Labour Women Leading
  • Northern England Labour Left
  • Red Labour
  • Welsh Labour Grassroots

The Grassroots 5 are also supported by leading MPs, including:

  • Jeremy Corbyn
  • Diane Abbott
  • John McDonnell
  • Ian Lavery

Follow the Grassroots 5 on social media
Twitter: @G5for_nec
Facebook: labourgrassroots5

Why support five candidates this year and not six

In 2020 the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) supported six candidates and secured the election of five plus the runner up, who has since taken up her place on the NEC. As a result all six candidates the CLGA supported in 2020 have been on the NEC – standing up for party members.

This year the CLGA organisations discussed supporting only five candidates because of the political shift amongst Party members since 2020. It was considered wiser to back just five candidates.

In advance of the NEC ballot, only estimates can be made as to the level of support for the centre-left that will exist amongst Party members when their votes are cast. There are no clear indicators that supporting less than five candidates would be beneficial for the centre-left.

Whilst a majority of the groups that participated in the CLGA discussions, earlier this year, could agree on which five candidates to support (the Grassroots 5), at the time, unfortunately, not all were able to agree. As a result the CLGA is not currently supporting candidates in this year’s election.

How to vote in the forthcoming NEC elections

When the ballot papers arrive, the most effective way to use your preference vote will be to list your preferences in the order recommended by the Grassroots 5. There will be different recommended preference orders for members living in different geographical areas. The recommended order of candidates for your area will be posted on CLPD’s website here next week.

Prepare to vote in the other elections

Other ballot papers that will be distributed along with the NEC ballot.

The recommended candidates for these other NEC places are:

  • Lara McNeill for Youth Rep
  • Ankunda Matsiko for BAME Rep
  • Cllr Matt White & Cllr Aneesa Akbar for Local Government Reps
  • Lynne Jones for Wales Rep

The recommended candidates to vote for the National Policy Forum (NPF) in your region can be found here.

Breaking news: Labour Assembly Against Austerity and Momentum have now agreed to support all of the Grassroots 5 candidates. This unity across the left should give new impetus to the campaign.

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