Vote Red to Go Green

By MIke Phipps

Labour come top in a study of the different parties’ election manifesto commitments for tackling the climate emergency, say Friends of the Earth.

Labour scored 33 out of 45, just ahead of the Greens on 31 and the Lib Dems on 30. The Conservatives trailed on 5.5.

The pressure group marked the Conservatives, Green Party, Labour and Lib Dem manifestos against its own manifesto covering ten policy areas including transport, food, nature, climate targets, energy and local action. The parties were sent their initial scores and then given the opportunity to include additional pledges, clarifications or restatements of existing policies.

The group reports: “Our final detailed assessment took these changes into account, and saw Labour, Lib Dems and Greens all score highly, but with the Labour Party given a slightly higher mark overall. The Conservative Party scored poorly.”

It adds, “The Labour Party manifesto from the start contained very strong, funded policies on home energy efficiency and renewable energy. Additional environmental commitments were subsequently announced during their election campaign, including an ambitious pledge on tree planting, a detailed policy on food and commitment to strong environmental law and enforcement in its ‘Plan for Nature’, plus significant public transport and cycling announcements.”

The message is clear: Labour offers better solutions for tackling the ecological crisis more than all the other Parties, including, to the surprise of some, the Greens. For those who believe the climate emergency outranks all other political issues, A Green Part vote is not the answer. Labour has the best policies to deal with this crisis – and everything else. Vote Red to go green!

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