Is it worth the effort to vote? YES!

By Nancy Strang

We live in a country where the richest 6 people own as much wealth as the poorest 13 million. This election is a really basic choice: do we want to continue perpetuating that sickening inequality or do we want to make the UK a fairer place to live for *everyone*, with equality of opportunity for all?

One statistic should tell you everything you need to know about this Conservative regime. An independent fact checker found that 88% of the Tories’ election adverts on this website (approx 5,700 ads) featured misleading or factually incorrect claims (ie lies). One the other hand, they found that 0% of Labour’s adverts contained any misleading claims over the same period. If a party has to continually lie to you in order to get you to vote for them, then they are not working in your interests. Because the truth, as they know, shows us how ugly they really are.

After nearly 10 years of Conservative government, the UK is not a happy place – our NHS is on its knees, schools are unable to provide basic facilities; we have more food banks than MacDonalds, 4 million children living in poverty, OAPs dying on trolleys in hospital corridors. The Tories have had their chance to build a better Britain and they have utterly failed. It’s well past time to boot them out.   #VoteLabour