Statement on UNISON NEC Elections

By The #TimeForRealChange campaign

The #TimeForRealChange campaign is delighted to announce that 37 of its 56 candidates were successfully elected to the UNISON NEC. Congratulations go to all our successful candidates who are committed to real change in UNISON, and commiserations go to those who fell just short this time. This majority for change on the UNISON NEC must now enable a positive transformation of our union.

#TimeForRealChange are grassroots trade unionist and socialist candidates who are determined to change UNISON into a more democratic, inclusive and fighting trade union. We are the largest trade union in the UK, and as such we believe we can have a transformative effect for the working class and of course those who work in our public services, whether they be employed in the public, private or voluntary sectors.

#TimeForRealChange has a collective vision for change. UNISON members are at the heart of that vision. We are determined to make ‘member-led’ more than just a turn of phrase in UNISON. The members have spoken in these NEC elections, giving a mandate for real change. We thank all UNISON members who voted in these NEC elections, and we wish to reach out to members who did not vote and non-unionised workers who would be eligible for UNISON membership due to them working in public services. We are excited about the tasks in front of us, but do not underestimate the discipline needed and hard work ahead: we are determined to change UNISON into a force that can protect and improve your terms and conditions at work.

We look outwards to other trade unions in a spirit of comradeship and cooperation. We look outwards to the Labour Party and wish to see it fight for workers in the way we intend UNISON to. We are focussed on UNISON members and UNISON branches – you are the driving force and beating heart of our union, and we are determined to make the union work for you.


 Image: Part of the UNISON contingent at the 2016 Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Rally; Author: Rwendland, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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