CLPD fringe meetings at Labour Party Women’s Conference

Labour Party Women’s Conference Delegates’ Briefing

Hosted by the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy

7.30pm, Monday 14 June via Zoom

With Jean Crocker, member of Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee; Mandy Clare, Grassroots Labour Women candidate for National Women’s Committee; and Ann Henderson, member of Scottish Labour Women’s Committee.

Chair: Gemma Bolton, Co-chair, CLPD

Open to delegates to annual women’s conference to discuss political priorities for the online Labour Party Annual Women’s Conference and how compositing, voting and other elements might work.

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Priorities for Labour Women

Campaign for Labour Party Democracy fringe meeting, Labour Party Women’s Conference 2021

7.30pm, Thursday 24 June via Zoom


– Diane Abbott MP, Gemma Bolton, Labour National Executive Committee, Danielle Tiplady, Nurses not Nukes campaign;

– Anna Dyer and Seema Chandwani, Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance candidates for the National Constitutional Committee and the Conference Arrangements Committee respectively; and

– Left candidates for the National Women’s Committee.

Chair: Cecile Wright, CLPD

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Let’s Make the Parliamentary Labour Party Accountable to Conference

This year, in the run up to Labour Party conference, the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy is supporting a rule change to make the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) accountable to Labour Party Conference.

If adopted, this rule change would require the PLP to report directly to the conference, including on MPs’ discipline, with the conference able to confirm or reject disciplinary decisions that are of concern to delegates.

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